Report Generator

Create customizable ABAP reports based on OpenSQL queries

Add-on for STA OpenSQL Editor

Why is it good for you?

SAP IT managers

  • Reduce ABAP report development time
  • More efficient use of developer resources
  • Cut SAP development costs

ABAP developers

  • Spare coding of hundreds of code lines
  • Less repetitive coding
  • Spend more time on business logic


Any query as base

Even the most complex SQL queries (with group functions, nested subqueries and table joins) can serve as a basis of the generated report.

Selection screen

Generate the selection screen of the report with many options automatically without having to type anything.

Number of records

A special button can be added which returns the number of records that match the selection criteria.

Multiple output formats

Display report results in object oriented ALV grids and trees or choose the old Function Module based ALVs.

Class skeletons

Plan to use event handlers for OO ALVs? You can generate a empty event handler classes sparing a lot of typing.

Additional objects

You can generate additional objects like a DDIC structure for the ALV output or a transaction code.


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