OpenSQL Editor for SAP

The missing piece from the ABAP development workbench.

Why is it good for you?

SAP IT managers

  • Cut software development time
  • Reduce testing and maintenance efforts
  • Improve code quality

ABAP developers

  • Create and optimize OpenSQL queries
  • Display query results in an ALV grid
  • Test queries without Z reports

SAP consultants

  • Join tables using the Table Join Assistant
  • Easy ad-hoc reporting
  • Save your queries to your Repository


Execution of OpenSQL commands

Enter any kind of query and see the results instantly in an ALV grid.


All syntax variations work fine including all table join types, subqueries, group functions etc.

Related database queries

You can use the result of a query as the base of a “SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES” query.

Ease of use

Many handy features help you to develop and test your queries.

Table Join Assistant

You don’t have to hassle with writing table joins yourself, the Table Join Assistant will do it for you.

Field Selection Wizard

You can define the field list without typing by simply selecting the fields you need.


Case studies

See how Globus have helped their ABAP programmers and SAP business analysts work with SQL queries for quicker development and ad-hoc reporting.

See how it works

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