SAP Data Sync for ServiceNow


Effortless data transfer

Define your data source and target system

Load the data from SAP

An Import Set is created in ServiceNow and processed automatically

The data in ServiceNow

Advanced features

Automate object creation

You don’t even have to create the tables and transform maps in ServiceNow, the product can do it for you. Based on the metadata of the SAP Data Dictionary, the program can create new ServiceNow tables with all fields matching the exact data type of the field in SAP. 

Naturally you can load your SAP data into existing standard or custom ServiceNow tables too.

The SAP add-on can create tables in ServiceNow

The target table generated in ServiceNow

Transform maps can also be generated

The transform map created by the program

Incremental loads

There is no need to load all your SAP data to ServiceNow every time. SAP Data Sync for ServiceNow can identify the delta since the last successful data extraction and send only the changed records to ServiceNow. This feature requires the standard SAP feature called Change Documents to be turned on for the SAP table you extract.

Incremental extraction settings

The program finds the delta since the last successful extraction

Real-time updates

You can implement real-time updates if a daily or hourly extraction does not cover your business needs. You can send any data using a few lines of ABAP code placed to a suitable Enhancement Point, User Exit or Business Add-In. This allows an instant update of ServiceNow data whenever an SAP object changes (customer, purchase order, sales document etc.).

A field changes in SAP

The corresponding record is immediately updated in ServiceNow

Download as CSV

The program can also download data as CSV files, either to the client computer or to a folder on the SAP application server. The latter can be a shared network drive mounted on the SAP server.

CSV export options

Data exported as CSV

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