Eliminate duplicate tickets from your SAP IT service desk

Reduce total incoming ticket volume by up to 20%

A new research by Quocirca and Splunk, Damage Control – The impact of critical IT incidents, shows how important is how organizations handle duplicate incidents.

The worldwide research found that an more than 13% of all incidents are repeat incidents, resulting from the inability to accurately determine the root cause of problems.

Just like with repeat incidents, organisations are struggling with problems being logged multiple times and handled in parallel. More than 17% of the total ticket volume are duplicates (on top of the 13% of repeats). 

Overall, the average large organisation can expect 852 duplicate or repeat incidents a month. This results in wasted IT resources and subsequent costs as well as reduced customer satisfaction.

Display similar submitted tickets before creating a new one

Using our Ticket System for SAP, your SAP end users can report errors right from the SAP GUI where the error happened. The program also stores all technical details in a custom SAP table, so it can check if a new ticket is being created from the same transaction (report or screen) where a ticket was submitted recently. If there are similar tickets submitted to the one being created, those will be displayed in a popup window so the end user can check if the issue is already sent to the service desk.

The program identifies similar tickets based on the current SAP transaction code, program name, last error message or other technical attributes. In case of a runtime error, the exact line number of the program code where the error occurred must be the same. Additionally, you can implement your custom business logic to identify similar tickets. You can also define the interval for which the program shall check related tickets (for example 24 hours or one week).

Take action: cancel, create new or link ticket

If any of the displayed tickets is exactly for the same problem the user wants to report, then he/she can cancel the creation of a new ticket. This will reduce the number of tickets that must be handled by the service desk. 

If your ITSM tool supports linking tickets together, then the user has the option to select a recently submitted ticket, and create a new ticket that will be linked to the selected ticket. For example ServiceNow and JIRA has this feature, as you can see this in the videos below.

Naturally the third option is to create a new ticket if none of the displayed similar tickets match the exact problem of the end user.


It is easy to see to understand why keeping the number of duplicate tickets as low as possible is crucial for any company. Actually, according to the study mentioned in the introduction, duplicate and repeat incidents are the top two factors impacting the efficiency of IT service management.

If you have an SAP error that affects 100 users, you won’t have 100 incidents sent to your service desk that may keep busy a lot of your support team members. This results in an enormous boost in efficiency and to better SAP support KPIs.


You can see how our Ticket System can help you to reduce the number of duplicate SAP incidents.

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