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Automated ticket creation

Create tickets in SAP GUI and transfer them to your ticketing tool

All Issue Tracking Systems are supported that offer an API or email interface.

The problem

Testing and maintenance processes are often not very easy going due to incomplete or incorrect error reports. Creating tickets manually in your existing ticketing tool makes the process prone to human error. This results in extra communication, slower error correction and higher costs.

The solution

STA Ticket System is an add-on that allows end-users and business analysts to create tickets directly in SAP and transfer them to your existing Issue Tracking System. The product also includes several handy features to provide very detailed and accurate bug reports.

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Main Features

See how this product can help your people.

  • Integration with your existing ticketing tools
  • Create tickets in SAP GUI
  • Runtime information is included automatically
  • Generate tickets in Word or PDF format
  • Send tickets via SAP Office to distribution lists
  • Fully customizable

Automated ticket creation

The program can be started from the System menu in SAP Gui with just a few clicks. There is no need to open a third party tool to create a ticket. Many fields are filled automatically so end users and business analysts can create tickets much more quickly than before.

Integration with your existing Issue Tracking System

All information gathered by the program and entered by the user can be sent to external ticketing systems to create a defect/incident/bug automatically. If your external system has an API, you can use it by creating a custom function module.

Runtime information included

Users won’t forget to include the system name, client number or other data (like material number they worked with etc.) anymore. All fields of the current program can be added to the ticket with just a few clicks. This is typically useful when the program has a selection screen, which is very important for developers when trying to reproduce an error.

Custom fields

The main screen can be enhanced using customer subscreens to add any field (and relevant business logic) you need. We ship the product with a template subscreen with the following fields: Priority, Type, Group, Impact, Urgency.

Enhance SAP Solution Manager Service Desk

If you use SolMan SD for ticketing, STA Ticket System can enrich your error reports with its unique features. You can have additional files like screenshots, authorization reports, transaction shortcuts and short dumps attached automatically to your support messages. The generated PDF that contains all the technical and business information is also attached. You can get solutions for your OSS messages quicker if you send all this information to SAP.

Compatible with SAP Enterprise Portal

The product can be launched from any Portal page using a link at the top. The generated PDF will contain a lot of additional Portal-relevant system and user information. If you launch a Transaction iView, you can create tickets using the System menu just like in SAP GUI. The program behaves the same way as in SAP GUI for Windows.

Additional attachments

You can attach the following information to the generated ticket with just a few clicks:

  • Call stack
  • Screenshot
  • Current short dump
  • Authorization check results
  • Shortcut to transaction

Flexible customizing

All functions can be controlled using customer developments. We deliver the product with default implementations and templates that you can copy and adjust to your needs.

Easy installation

Simply import the delivered transport files, set up authorizations (we deliver preconfigured roles too), install the license keys and start using the program.

This is a PDF generated by STA Ticket System.


Feel free to download it: Incident_INC0010066_ECC_20151202.pdf

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See how this product can help your company.

  • Reduce extra communication resulting from incomplete or incorrect bug reports
  • Speed up debugging and maintenance tasks by providing additional information to developers
  • Boost job satisfaction of developers by reducing unnecessary communication and possibly unneeded debugging
  • Reduce the time needed to create an error report by integrating your already existing third party bug tracking system and create incidents/tickets/bugs automatically from SAP
  • Save SAP IT costs, which is ultimately the most important benefit


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What our customers say

The international orientation of the EGLO Group and the associated complexity of IT systems as well as the variety of users with different skills is an enormous challenge for our helpdesk. Particularly in the SAP area incomplete or insufficiently formulated support requests can often be processed with a great deal of extra effort and additional communication. We expect a significant improvement of the actual situation by using STA Ticket System.
Alexander Gamper, EGLO Leuchten GmbH
Previously, tickets were always sent as an unstructured e-mail, usually without detailed technical information for the relevant 1st Level Support. With having STA Ticket System completely integrated in SAP, all this data is automatically provided in a structured form. This saves our helpdesk staff a lot of communication thus end users’ valuable working time.
Alexander Gamper, EGLO Leuchten GmbH
The installation of STA Ticket System went smoothly and by following the supplied installation instructions was no problem at all. With extensive testing, the tool was put through its paces. Reported problems or adjustment requests were dealt promptly by STA and processed to 100%, so the Ticketing Tool is tailored for the needs of EGLO.
Alexander Gamper, EGLO Leuchten GmbH
It is also important that our existing ticketing tool (i-net HelpDesk) can still be used as a central help desk system. Tickets in i-net were already reported via emails to a central address for the help desk, and then further processed. STA Ticket System uses this ability to integrate and sends all information as an email (including all attachments) to this address. Thus further processing in i-net does not change. Settings in i-net for STA Ticket System are minimal and with the appropriate guidance are done within a few minutes.
Alexander Gamper, EGLO Leuchten GmbH